You NEED to see this insane medieval battlefield wedding

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Post-ceremony sword fight anyone?

It’s not every day you hear someone screaming “I’m going to gut you and drag your entrails all over my pirate ship” soon after a bride and groom tearfully say “I do” but then again, chances are you haven’t been to a medieval battlefield wedding.

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For Melbourne couple Allie and Ben, who are diehard LARP (live action role play) fans, they wouldn’t have it any other way.

The couple met on the battlefield. Image: Seven

Sharing the details of their budget medieval themed day for Channel 7’s Australia’s Cheapest Weddings, it’s a pretty eye opening insight into exactly how far a themed wedding can go.

It was love at first sight on the battlefield when Allie and Ben, whose alter egos are called Aurora and Tersius, locked eyes at their usual Friday night fight.

“He has this amazing piece of art tattooed on his back. He was running across the field looking scary as all hell, hunting people down,” explains Allie.

“I was absolutely terrified of him, but at the same time he was this enigma to me. I had to know who that person was. So I found out, and I liked what I found out.”

The pair are involved in live action roleplay every Friday night. Image: Seven

The feeling was mutual, and the couple soon began planning their wedding.

Working to a budget, Allie reveals she bought her $2500 dress on sale for $800, and the couple lucked out with a $4000 fully decorated venue in an industrial part of Melbourne, which while nondescript on the outside, housed a Secret Garden ceremony room and an Ever After reception room inside.

Allie was lucky enough to get her dress on sale for less than half the original price. Image: Seven
Located in an industrial area in Melbourne, the venue cost $4000. Image: Seven
It was a reception fit for a medieval king and queen. Image: Seven

“If money was no object, I would probably be in a full suit of armour, so would the groomsmen,” says Ben. “Probably have chariots.”

Forget expensive food, the couple made do with a $25 dollar a head food package and a BYO drinks policy (why is this not more of a thing?)

Light up dancefloor, anyone? Image: Seven
The couple cut into their cake with a sword. Image: Seven

And for entertainment?

The couple’s friends staged a swordfight soon after the couple’s vows.

A staged swordfight provided plenty of entertainment. Image: Seven

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