You can purify water with this fruit peel

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Whatever you do, don’t throw your banana peels away.

Never throw your banana peels away again, they’re more useful than you think.

In fact, the fruit’s yellow skin could be a game changer for those who don’t have access to clean drinking water.

You can purify water with a banana peel. Photo: Getty Images

Banana peels can absorb heavy metals. Photo: Getty Images

According to a study conducted by researchers from Sao Pãulo State University in Brazil, banana peels can purify water.

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Not only are bananas nature’s perfect energy snack, they contain certain compounds that are able to absorb toxic metals in water.

The peel contains sulfur, nitrogen, and carboxylic acids that when added to water can make it a lot cleaner.

The fruit peel can make polluted water a lot cleaner. Photo: Getty Images

The researchers found that when banana peels were dried, made into tablets and dissolved into water, it was able to remove heavy metals such as copper and lead, which if consumed, can be fatal to humans.

Banana peels contain sulfur, nitrogen, and carboxylic acids. Photo: Getty Images

But while banana peels can act as a water filter for heavy metals, they’re not able to rid parasites, bacteria or viruses from drinking water.

Despite this limitation, who knew the humble banana peel was so powerful?