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In spite of the fallout from Brexit, London been named the city with the best brand in the world.

The British capital edged out cities like New York and Sydney to finish at number one on the list prepared by consultancy group Resonance.

To determine the strongest city brands in the world, researchers looked at everything from the quality of a city’s parks and open spaces; diversity of people; safety, economic prosperity; variety of restaurants and nightlife; and the quality of arts and culture.

According to the report, London has harnessed the ‘global obsession’ since hosting the 2012 summer Olympics thanks to the promotional efforts of London & Partners, the city’s marketing arm.

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The accessibility of the airports was named as a key factor for bringing in visitors who came to the city for its luxury retail and restaurant offerings as well as its coveted universities and colleges.

“London, right now, is a tight, highly curated Venn diagram of multi-ethnic revelry, enviable luxury retail, coveted universities and colleges (more than 40 institutions of higher education are based in the city), and the restaurants to sate the palates of curious global wanderers,” reads the report.

Apparently no other city generates more online reviews.

Sydney came in at number five on the list, being praised as ‘friendly, warm and rich.’

Sydney rated well despite being ‘remote.’ Photo: iStock

The report also stated that if Australia weren’t so far away, this ranking might be higher: “If Sydney weren’t so (relatively) isolated, chances are it would be challenging Paris and London for visitor number supremacy. It’s the laidback, safe and sunny manifestation of the good life.”

Here are the top 10 world city brands:

1. London
2. Singapore
3. New York
4. Paris
5. Sydney
6. Amsterdam
7. Los Angeles
8. Tokyo
9. San Francisco
10. Toronto

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