The New Suzuki Vitara Proves Less Really Is More

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“It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it.” Paraded by countless slightly red-faced teenage males, it’s an anthem that has applications everywhere that isn’t a 17-year-old sneaking into a club for the first time. With recent tightening of emissions standards and mounting pressure from environmental agencies, car manufacturers are having to move heaven and earth to make their engines as clean and green as possible. A few are embracing the age of electricity, while others are resorting to shrinking engine capacity and bolting a turbo on to keep power at respectable levels. The latter option is cheaper on all fronts, including the final amount the customer pays. It’s also the path Suzuki ventured down with their latest Vitara SUV, the Turbo.

The Vitara Turbo builds on the success of the normally aspirated Vitara five door SUV introduced late in 2015. Given that the Vitara was the best-selling sub $40,000 small SUV, and that the small SUV segment showed a 28% growth in 2015, it makes sense that Suzuki would capitalise.

There are two versions of the new Vitara Turbo to be available – two-wheel-drive and the full-blown four-wheel-drive. They are both powered by the new 1.4L turbocharged engine, and it’s design gives strong acceleration with minimal turbo lag. This is due to the turbo being mounted directly to the cylinder head. The Vitara Turbo offers a peak torque count of 220Nm from right down at 1500RPM, and power tops out at 103kW. This is perfect for the occasional off-road experience, especially if you opt for the four-wheel-drive version.

VITARA Turbo red 1

In combined fuel tests, the Vitara Turbo has an average consumption of 5.9 litres/100km. The new model has a 55L tank, so these figures will give you an estimated range of 916.6km on one fill. That’s Auckland to Wellington, with fuel to spare!

Suzuki don’t skimp on the interior either. Apple CarPlay functionality is stock, as are the leather seats with suede inserts, sat-nav, cruise control, keyless entry and ignition, climate control air-con, Bluetooth and USB connectivity… The list really does just go on.

If you’re looking for a do-it-all car that looks good, drives well and won’t set you back another mortgage, remember. Less is more with the new Vitara Turbo.