Samsung Has The New Gear S3 Smartwatch Incoming

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Today, September 1st, Samsung unveiled the Gear S3 frontier and Gear S3 Classic. with IP68 water resistance, LTE connectivity and built-in GPS, making it the ideal addition to any watch collection.

Inspired by the active explorer, the Gear S3 frontier evokes a rugged outdoor look that blends form and function. The frontier was designed to perform in any setting or environment and has a battery life of up to 4 days. A notable new addition is the built-in speaker, which allows users to activate voice messaging and listen to their favorite tunes. The problem with the S2 was the absence of any sound making. A watch that can’t beep off an alarm is near on useless. So this inclusion is awesome!

The Gear S3 classic pays homage to the minimalist, elegant style found in the most iconic timepieces.

Gear S3 frontier

The Gear S3 now meets IP68 standards for water resistance so consumers can get through their day, regardless of weather conditions. For the first time on the Gear series, the Gear S3 features Corning Gorilla Glass SR+, which is specifically designed for wearable devices to provide a tougher, more scratch resistant and crisp display.

The Gear S3 also sports a delivious 16-megapixel full-color Always On Display (AOD) and Super AMOLED technology. The AOD always shows the time rather than automatically fading to black.

The Gear S3’s signature rotating bezel has been enhanced with new features. I’m glad they kept the bezel, my favourite part of using the S2 Classic was the bezel and it’s clicking. Without touching the screen, users can accept or reject a call or snooze an alarm. In addition, by writing or drawing on the display, messages will automatically convert to texts and emojis. Users can also create short reminders and to-do lists to manage even the most hectic schedules with the Reminders application.

The built-in GPS functionality enables users to  monitor their daily fitness activities while the Alti/barometer and Speedometer allow users to track everything from altitude and atmospheric pressure to sudden changes in weather, distance traveled and speed.

Gear S3 classic

In case of an emergency, users can activate the SOS and location tracking capabilities to alert family, friends and emergency professionals about crisis situations, even when their phone isn’t in-hand.

The Gear S3 is compatible with 22mm watch bands so consumers can easily personalize their watch to match any outfit or special occasion. The modern watch faces and bands designed by Arik Levy will be introduced later this year through select channels.

With the launch of the Gear S3, Samsung is assuring its customers that it will continue to roll out software updates and support to Gear S2 customers as well as providing access to select Gear S3 features.

The Gear S3 is slated for release in New Zealand later this year. No local pricing or launch date can be confirmed at this stage.