No way Frosé: 6 alternative ways to enjoy rosé this summer

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Whether you’ve seen it plastered everywhere on Instagram or sampled it at some of the bars dedicated to the pink drink, it seems Frozen rosé or Frosé is everywhere.

Whether you’ve seen it plastered everywhere on Instagram or sampled it at some of the bars dedicated to the pink drink, it seems Frozen Rosé or Frosé is everywhere.

With that crisp, refreshing taste coupled with the cool, wispy texture it’s no wonder Frosé is a hot contender for the drink of summer.

But not all of us live nearby the Pelicano Frosé Terrace Bar and/or have a useful slushie machine that just happens to be laying about the house.

With that in mind Mateus Rosé has revealed it’s top six simple yet fun alternatives for that refreshing and tantalising rosé taste – and luckily you won’t need to buy that slushie machine!

The ‘TV Special’

Filled with the summery flavours of coconut and strawberry, this is perfect for everyday.

GRAB: 80ml of rosé, 250ml of coconut water, 250g of strawberries, sliced, 3 tbsp of sugar syrup and some crushed ice.

METHOD: Throw it all in the blender and blend everything well. Serve chilled with loads of ice.

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The ‘Yes way, Brosé’

This is a serious drink.

GRAB: 60ml rosé, 30ml gin, 10ml Strawberry syrup, 2 dashes of bitters and some ice.

METHOD: Line the inside of your glass with bitters then fill it with ice. Add the strawberry syrup, gin and then fill to the brim with rosé.

The ‘I’ll just call a cab’ standard

Perfect for a a summer afternoon of drinking.

GRAB: 120ml of rosé, 70ml of grapefruit juice, 40ml of ginger ale, 1 orange & 1 apple, thinly sliced, 1⁄2 pomegranate and 1⁄4 cup of sugar syrup.

METHOD: Combine all the ingredients in a tall pitcher and chill for several hours. Serve in a fancy glass.

Just call a cab already. Photo: Supplied

The ‘Finally catching up with the girls’ starter

Something to really kick girls night into high gear.

GRAB: 120ml of orange liqueur, the juice of a very juicy lime, green apple, white nectarine, sliced into wedges, yellow peach, raspberries, 750ml of sparkling water, and a bottle of Mateus rosé (of course).

METHOD: Soak fruit in orange liqueur and lime juice in the fridge for a couple hours beforehand to really soak up the fruitiness. Once chilled, top with sparkling water and Mateus. Serve in a jug to share with the girls.

The ‘I like my gin and tonic without the tonic’ edition

For when a gin and tonic would go down well but you’re needing that extra hit of fizz, sweetness and fun.

GRAB: 125ml of rosé, dash of gin, 125ml of lemonade, 1 peach, sliced and a sprig of mint for garnish

METHOD: Pour half a glass of rosé and fill the other half with lemonade, add your dash of gin and top with peaches and mint.

The ‘How to pretend I’m on holiday’ special

Keep the holiday vibes going with this cousin of the mojito.

GRAB: 1 nip vodka, 125ml rosé, 125ml lemonade, mint for garnish and ice

METHOD: Mix ingredients all together, add ice and mint for garnish.

We know that not everyone is a whizz with a cocktail shaker or a muddler, so if you’re keen to sample some delectable rosé concoctions grab your friends and a ticket to the Mateus Rosé on the Bay yacht party complete a fleet of inflatable toys and a whole lot of pink.

Now I Get It: Rosé

VIDEO Now I Get It: Rosé. Source: Yahoo News

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