Fans voice fears for super-slim Lisa Origliasso

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The Veronicas’ singer looked leaner than ever.

She’s always had a naturally slim frame, but fans have voiced concerns for The Veronicas’ Lisa Origliasso after the singer stepped out looking super-lean.

Arriving in Melbourne for an interview on The Project the 31-year-old’s slender legs were on display in a printed mini-dress and knee-high boots.

Lisa arrives in Melbourne. Source: Splash

Lisa’s twin sister and musical partner Jessica was also seen arriving at the studio.

Earlier this year the sisters were forced to defend themselves against fan who accused them of promoting an unhealthy body image.

“The way that it gets to me is when they try to frame it as though we’re contributing or we’re the result of young women becoming anorexic,” Jessica told The Herald Sun.

Lisa and twin Jessica. Source: Splash

“That hurts me because we take health so seriously. Don’t try to treat me like I’m the problem. I know that I’m not. I know she [Lisa] is not.”

One particular fan even offered to pay for Lisa and Jessica’s food in a social media comment.

“Omg! EAT SOMETHING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!! I’ll pay for the food,” the user wrote.

Standing up against the critics, the girls then posted a shopping list for the fan to go out and get them which included “10 organic red potatoes, 1 bunch organic kale, 2 bunches organic asparagus and 4 organic avocados.”

They have previously defended their small frames. Source: Instagram

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Source: Instagram

“Here’s our daily shopping/eating list for 1 day; let us know where you’ll be sending it,” they wrote at the time.

Despite their critics they have never paid attention to the negative comments appearing in the video for their single In My Blood completely naked and covered in purple glitter.

Go Lisa and Jessica!

Twin styling with The Veronicas

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