Don’t use your loyalty points because it’s too hard? This site makes it easy

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How many loyalty cards do you have in your wallet?

Flybuys. Woolworths Rewards. Qantas Frequent Flyer. Virgin Velocity. The list goes on.

They take up space and you swipe every time you travel or shop but still you aren’t reaping the rewards of your loyalty cards.

Quite often, getting that reward flight just goes in the ‘too hard’ basket.

Aussie Michael Keating was tired of just that – not using his points because it was too tricky and time consuming – so he developed Points Bank, a loyalty program management and redemption tool.

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The site lets you manage, review and redeem your points from over 100 different loyalty programs. You set up your profile in which you enter each of our loyalty programs details (you only have to do this once, thankfully), and from there you have just one login to view and use all of your points.

“Points Bank is breaking new ground in loyalty program management in Australia by offering an all-encompassing service that allows users to see and apply all of their loyalty programs in one secure place, to distribute points, buy points and utilise our extensive travel insights and redemption options to identify the best solutions for them,” said Michael.

“But most importantly for many, it takes away the time consuming and frustrating exercise of figuring out the loyalty system, so they can focus on the desired outcome rather than the redemption process, and ultimately enjoy more of the benefits.”

Points Bank also offers the additional service in Point Banks advisers. The team can take a look at your points balances and research available travel that otherwise wouldn’t be evident to you (say, if you’re willing to take a different route or leave a day later).

As well as providing redemption options, the travel service includes personalised travel advice and planning and reservation services, pre, during and post travel support — including a 24 hour assistant.

Using the site to house all of your reward program details is free, meaning users can register and upload program details without limitation or hidden costs.

Using a Point Banks adviser costs $110, but only if they find you what you’re after and you make a booking – it’s like a travel agent and insurance all rolled into one neat package.

It all sounds great but what if you only travel a little bit and haven’t acquired many points yet?

If you don’t have enough points for a full ticket you also have the option of buying points to get you over the line. The service is unique to Points Bank and allows you to buy points to top up your allowance and increase your redemption options whilst still saving money.

“During Points Bank’s pilot period, we were able to assist a client with a return business class ticket from Sydney to Tokyo leveraging our points purchasing service for just AUD$2400, when the best deal on the market at the same time was AUD$3800. That’s a significant saving and demonstrates the great opportunity that purchasing points represents,” said Michael.

The benefits aren’t just for those wanting to upgrade or fly business, it is perfect if you just need a points top-up to bag that economy flight.

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