Did tiny Tara Reid use a filter to put weight ON?

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The slim starlet’s Instagram and IRL pic seem to tell two different stories.

She’s long denied being too slim, insisting she’s just “a small-boned girl”.

But Tara Reid sparked fresh fears over the weekend, when pics surfaced of her looking leaner than ever at a Halloween parties for Treats magazine and Maxim.

Tara arriving at the Halloween party. Source: Splash

What’s more, eagle-eyed fans noticed that when she uploaded the same shots to Instagram, she looked dramatically different, sparking speculation she’s been doing what we all do and slapping a filter on.

The only thing is, while most people opt for a filter that makes them look thinner, Tara’s appears to make her look fuller.

Tara then shared this snap to Instagram. Source: @tarareid/Instagram

“Why do you post all the Photoshopped photos and not the original ones?” one user commented.

“This is very sad to see. Hope you get well soon, this is not healthy,” another added. “Please Tara, get better. I understand it’s easier said then done but you are an inspiration to women. So please get help.”

Fans shared their concerns for the actress. Source: Splash
Followers suggested the actress photoshopped the images. Source: @tarareid/Instagram

While Tara is yet to address the comments that she’s digitally altered the photos, they appear to be highly airbrushed and giving the impression she weighs more than the original paparazzi pictures suggest.

Rumours the actress has been suffering from an eating disorder first surfaced in 2001, shortly after she broke up with then-boyfriend Carson Daly and have continue to follow the 40-year-old.

The star showed off her off her slim frame. Source: Splash

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Tara previously told TMZ that she was “just a small-boned girl” after she was pictured looking worryingly thin on a beach last year.

She also admitted to undergoing liposuction treatments, saying the procedure had left her body looking out of shape.

“I got lipo because even though I was skinny, I wanted — I’m not going to lie — a six pack,” she said at the time.

She had also worn this earlier in the week. Source: Splash
Source: @tarareid/Instagram

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